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11 Months

Another month has passed and only a few more weeks and you will be 1.

You are such a funny little guy, clearly saying Mum and Dadda, Bye and waving, I swear you said “Hello” after copying me but it isn’t something your regularly say.

You love your Mummy cuddles and are so happy to see me when I return to the room,  it makes my heart melt everytime.

Best toy ever



Your brother and sister make you giggle but you rarely smile for anyone else, just stare at them with a blank face, taking it all in.

Your latest trick of getting around is walking on your knees, as if it’s the normal thing to do.  You haven’t even tried taking a step yet.
About to drop




The other day you tried a banana for the first time.  Since the bananas went up to about $13 a kilo we haven’t bought any, but I saw some the other day for $11 and thought I would buy you all one banana each.  They were tiny, like miniature bananas, the perfect size for you.

Banana First Taste

Not sure you were real impressed.

Not sure I like it

Fun to squish though!


I tell you this everyday but I will say it again. I love you.