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Houzz Feature Article

A while back I posted a few photos of my home’s interior with the hashtag #meetmyhouzz not thinking much of it, I received an email from the team at Houzz asking if I would like to feature our home on their website. I did a little panic as our home is a work in progress and so far only the kitchen has progressed but I though, why not, this is real life, most people don’t live in fully renovated houses that appear in designer magazines, and if they do they mustn’t have children or pets haha! So here is my real life ūüôā

Vintage Cameras – Project Life Freebie


I’ve been so busy trying to catch up on my Project Life albums and have been looking for some vintage themed cards. ¬†I can’t always find what I want, so I decided to create one for myself using some photographs I took on my iPhone a while back. ¬†This is designed to be printed on a 4×6 paper and can be cut up to fit two 3×4 pockets.

Find here at dropbox

Feel free to use for your own albums!

4x6 (2 3x4) Vintage Cameras

Family Holiday Part 4 – Mmmm Coffee The Philip Island Edition

The temperature was forecast to be over 40¬į so we decided to visit The Nobbies Centre, take a look at the Antarctic Journey¬†which is a new attraction (and nice and cool) and have a look at Seal Rock. ¬†The Antarctic journey¬†had interesting facts, experiments and a cool room that simulates the temperature in Antarctica. ¬†We spent some time looking around and then thought was that it? Till we realised there was another side to the exhibition which had giant tv screens with beautiful filming and imagery and a virtual screen where you can appear next to animals. ¬†That was a hit with the kids and they spent quite a while jumping around next to invisible animals!!

We took a walk around the rocks but the heat and walking was getting to my youngest so we stopped to have a rest.  We ended the day with a burnt bbq and tried to sleep through the heat.


After the hot day came some rain. ¬†We headed to the Koala¬†Conservation Centre. ¬†As far as the attractions went this was probably the least favourite as we quickly walked round the boardwalks, and couldn’t really get very close to the Koalas for a very good look. Also the rain ¬†made us return to the car sooner than we would have, if it had been fine. ¬†We decided to go find some afternoon tea, I had spied a coffee shop down the main street in Cowes and went to see if it was open.


Introducing Molly Moo & Tilly Bear

You can probably see why it caught my eye….all the vintage goodness.


There were games for the kids to play while we had a coffee and the kids had milkshakes.  Just look at that napkin holder! LOVE



Sadly we visited on our last day so we only got to go once ūüôĀ but the coffee was delicious and loved the atmosphere of the shop. ¬†Highly recommended.

As it was our last night, I had wanted to try and catch a sunset but unfortunately it didn’t really happen. Still got a few photos anyway!