Wayne and Renae’s Wedding Launceston Wedding Photographer

Well the weekend finally arrived, April 4th 2009. My step-brother asked me to take the photos at his wedding to Renae.
I gladly said yes. I was rather nervous as this is only the second wedding I have done, and it had been over a year since I did the first one.

I used two cameras both with different lenses, saved me switching all the time. My dad was kind enough to lend me his camera for the day.

I was at Renae’s house at 7.30am. I went with her and the bridesmaids who I also knew to get their make up done at Glow in Launceston. We weren’t even there for an hour, which is fantastic, back to Renae’s to get the dress on.



Renae arrived at the ceremony in a lovely old car, the driver must have thought he was a bit of a photographic know it all as he was telling me I couldn’t focus through the glass, and I had to get a photo with the rose on the front of the car.

Wayne and Renae Wedding Teaser

The ceremony began at 11.30am, followed by family shots across the road from the church in the park.

We finally got through all the family (me included – self timer) and headed down to the Tamar River edge, unfortunately the tide was heading out (we already knew this) so we found some little spots around Stillwater cafe to use, they even let us pose on the vespa!

The Boys

Wayne and Renae Wedding Sneak Peak

Wayne and Renae Wedding April 2009

Then we all headed off to the reception where I briefly got to sit down and eat!

The Rings

It is just fantastic to be the photographer at the wedding of someone you know, it was a very special day.

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  1. Loz and Dinny April 14, 2009 at 12:56 PM

    >wow – beautiful photography! thanks for your comments over at mine – I am doing a few dresses up to size 5 …like the purple one … just depends on the fabric and how well the pattern is adaptable to a larger size … and my skill! good luck with the giveaway … so lovely to come to your blog – your photos are really beautiful!

  2. johnna brynn June 10, 2009 at 12:16 AM

    >hi Nicole. i couldn't find an email for u? just wanted to tell u nice photo work u have here on your site. and i hope you can enter some of this amazing work in the photo contest starshootercontest.org.cheers!-johnna brynn bockover.

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