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9.6.79 Lower Beulah16.2.79 -216.2.7922.10.7725.2.79 copy 225.2.7926.11.78 Lower Beulah27.12.7991 Deviot Road 1975bush cabin 26.11.78 Lower BeulahCreek Lower Beulah .10.79Ernie Parsons, Shirley Parsons, Craig Cowie, Heather Cowie, Ngaire SmythGug Range 22.6.79Heather and Craig 22.10.77Heather and Craig ApplesHeather and Craig signing 22.10.77Heather and Friends May 1976Heather Craig and Cubby 17.2.79Heather Craig Vicki PeterHeather Table Cape Jan 1978